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31 October 2012
Pocketfullofapps. com | Helping the Natives Out in ‘Tribez’ [Review]

I was at a conference a few months back and during the lunch break, the women next to me, pulled out her iPad and began playing a game. She looked at me and said, “I need to check my village. This is a very addicting game.” I smiled and asked her what she was playing. It was Tribez. For the next 20 minutes she went on to explain the game to me and why she liked it so much.

Well I did not immediately download the game but I did not forget about it. When I got my new iPod Touch 5th Generation, it was the first game I downloaded and played and yes I must agree with her, the game is very fun.

Tribez is a city building type game where you have found a lost underwater civilization and are tasked in helping them build. Overall the graphics are great, there is a nice tutorial in the beginning and the menu system is optimized nicely to give you lot of real estate. The thing that I really enjoy and appreciate in the game is how it is setup. Most free city building type games require you to get your friends to play or make in-app purchases to get any where. In Tribez though, you can progress very far in the game without having to spend a dime or get 20+ friends to play.

Most the quests you need to do are single player activities and focus on the long-term. Now you can speed up the progress with crystals but if you are patient you usually can complete the quests without them. The game is a great one for those that want to play for a few minutes, put it down for a while and then come back later. The game will progress while you are away but your crops do not wilt and your village will not be totally destroyed while you are away.

A bit more on the details now. As with most city building type games, you are given quests to do to advance the village: planting crops, building structures, clearing fields etc. As you complete quests you normally earn coins and experience. As you advance levels, you earn crystals which are used primarily to speed up production times. You also need to collect food, stones, and wood to build. When it is time to expand, you can either spend coins or crystals.

The game pretty much guides on where and what to do. Just follow the quests and you will be good. Now this might sound a bit boring but if you work on the game a bit, put it down, and then come back to it later it is not.

There is a lot to the game. You begin on one island and when it has advanced to a certain stage, you can move to another island. The first island appears to have over a dozen areas you can expand into. In addition to expansion, there are housing, resources, commerce, and decorations you can build. As you build you will earn coins and experience but you also have to take into account, the villagers mood. You will need to advance their happiness level.

You can rearrange your village structures and put things they you like or put them into storage for use later. You will not run of the things to do in Tribez. The game will provide you some gentle reminders on purchasing items but it not overly aggressive. The game works well on a small screen and the menu bar can easily be hidden, so you can see more of your village.

Tribez is definitely one of my favorite games. There is tons of content, quests, and things to accomplish in the game. The in-app purchases are available but not a necessity if you take the long-term approach to the game. So if you enjoy city building type games, I recommend you give Tribez a shot.

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