Locking princesses in towers in Need a Hero
Assembling collections in Mystery Manor
Adding coal to Storewell’s mines in Transport Empire
Preparing Friday bonuses in the Tribez & Castlez
Rocking with the donkey in Need a Hero
Igniting the dragon's breath in Need a Hero
Patching up defeated bosses in Cloud Raiders
Sending islands skyward in Cloud Raiders
Making stars lucky in Big Business
Gathering up Snatchins in Mystery Manor
Creating outer space in Airport City
Feeding Cheshire Jr. in Mirrors of Albion
Hiding objects in Mystery Manor
Warming the sea in Paradise Island 2
Counting grains of sand on Paradise Island
Clearing the runways in Airport City
Harvesting giant pumpkins in The Tribez
Hoisting the sails in Sunshine Bay
Petting Dino in The Tribez
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28 February 2014
Coming Soon | X-Mercs: Invasion: Protect mankind from vicious aliens!

Are you ready to fight off an alien invasion? Do you want to save the human race and forge a legend? Then you will enjoy our new game, X-Mercs: Invasion!

This epic turn-based strategy game invites you to head a military scientific corporation which has only one goal — to fight off the invasion of vicious aliens who want to conquer Earth and destroy humankind! Gather an army of the best soldiers, construct a modern military base, study alien technology and turn their deadly weapons against their creators! The fate of mankind rests on your shoulders! Protect Earth from the alien invaders!

Official website

Visit the official Facebook page for X-Mercs: Invasion