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Coming Soon | Transport Empire for Mobile and Social Platforms!

25 February 2014

Game Insight has great news for fans of business games and economic strategy: the announcement of Transport Empire for mobile and social platforms! The new game will be released first for iPad, and then for iPhone. In the future, we plan to release Android and Facebook versions, too.

Transport Empire is a massive economic strategy game inspired by the Victorian Era and a few steampunk influences as well. Players begin their adventures in a vast country in need of railroads and transportation by air and water — a perfect opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. Over the course of the game, players will dispatch fleets of locomotives, steamboats, and airships, while constructing roads and developing cities. Transport Empire will offer intricate graphics, a colorful world full of realistic detail, and breathtaking scenery. Business games will have an entirely new look and feel with Transport Empire, coming soon to a mobile device near you!

Official website

Visit the official Facebook page for Transport Empire

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