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Justpushstart.com | New Running Shadow Content & Information Unveiled

07 February 2014

Game Insight, a global leader in mobile and social games, has today unveiled new information, concept art pieces and a trailer for Running Shadow.

Running Shadow according to the developers offers “the easy-to-learn, intuitive gameplay of running games with deep role-playing game elements, a dark, gothic art style, and an intricate plot full of twists and turns.” The game is set in a majestic city called Hadrion, built above the submerged Old Town, which is split into an Upper and Lower city. The city is split by wealth with rich people populating the Upper City and beggars and thieves living in the Lower City.

Below are six brand new pieces of concept art released today by Game Insight.

Running Shadow will be released in the near future for Android devices and other mobile based platforms at a later date.

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