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01 July 2010
Interview | Social network games investment. Experience of Game Insight

Moscow, June 29, 2010. Game Insight — the investment company founded in December 2009 first shares information on its studios and tells about launched and developing projects for social networks.

Today Game Insight consists of 14 game developers situated in various regions of Russian Federation, CIS states and abroad. The company works in collaboration with big studios, which have a lot of experience in the social network game developing field, and small young teams as well. A total of more than 130 persons involved in the game developing process make Game Insight the biggest organization in the Russian social network game development business.

In fact Game Insight is the most dynamically developing and growing company on the Russian social network games market. 18 games have already been launched and there will be 4 more games by the end of July. Moreover there are 12 games at various stages of development. The game applications developed in Game Insight became a part of life for users of the biggest social networks in Russia and all over the world — Vkontakte, MoiMir@Mail. Ru, Odnoklassniki and Facebook. A total amount of players reached the number of 13 million and is still growing. The company intends to establish relations with other big social networks in European, North American and Asian regions in the near future.

Currently the Game Insight portfolio includes the following successful projects:

  • “Resort World” (developed by Studio Mesury, Ivanovo). The English version was made for Facebook in cooperation with 6waves.
  • “Vegas” (developed by Vitamin Games, Moscow).
  • “AstroZoo” (developed by Studio 624, Moscow).
  • “FlowerHouse” (developed by Studio 404, Moscow).
  • “Syndicate” (created by the inner Game Insight development studio).

The games developed in cooperation with Game Insight were praised not only by social network users but game industry professionals as well. One of the first projects released by PlayFriends studio, a game called “Aquarium” (http://vkontakte. ru/app1831597), received the first prize on Moscow flash games developers and publishers FlashGAMM!2010.

The core of the Game Insight strategy is the highest quality of developing games. The company founder and CEO Alice Chumachenko consider it the only possible way of successful evolution for every private organization and the whole game industry in general. Huge experience in production, game and internet marketing along with focusing on monetization are guarantees of stability and progress for Game Insight and its affiliated studios.

During the short period since its foundation Game Insight became a solid member of the top 10 list of Russian companies working in the social network game development field. Moreover less than a month ago Game Sight has opened and launched its new subdivision whose primary function is to port games for mobile platforms — including such as Apple iPod, iPad and Google Android.

In the near future Game Insight intends to expand its own game application portfolio and reach the number of 30 games by the end of 2010.

About the Game Insight company

Game Insight is an investment company whose interests concern game applications for various platforms. You will find more information on the company on its website: http://www. game-insight. com.