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Gamesided.com | Game Insight’s Cloud Raiders Takes Strategy Into The Sky

06 February 2014

Here are two words for you that are almost guaranteed to liven up any video game: sky pirates. And the reason I bring them up is that they’ll be part of Cloud Raiders, a new mobile strategy game from Game Insight launching soon on Android and eventually slated to hit iOS, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Facebook.

Developed by innoWate, the same studio that did the My Country series of city-builders, Cloud Raiders is a two-pronged strategy affair that challenges players to fortify a floating island stronghold while also teaming with clans of fellow players for PvP raids. Troops include bombardiers and dragons, while defenses feature things like cannons, traps and magical artifacts, plus there’s a research element to unlock new troop types and defensive structures.

In Game Insight’s own words, you can expect “encroachments from massive monsters and legendary buccaneers that wander the skies in search of easy prey, as well as raiding parties sent by enemy players in search of loot!” Also, sky pirates. Definitely sky pirates.

To see what I mean, the official trailer is right below, and you can visit the official site until Cloud Raiders arrives on “all platforms.”

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