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29 January 2014
Ghostwolfe.com | 2020: My Country iOS/Win8/Android Review

Game Insight is one of my favorite mobile app developers and are widely known for their amazing iOS and Android title ‘The Tribez’. This is also the title that introduced me into what they can offer and the amount of work that they put into their games. You can find a wide range of fun titles developed but Game Insight including their newest addicting builder ‘2020: My Country’ which is out now for iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms. I will warn you 2020: My Country is addictive and will have you playing it for hours on as many devices as you can get it on. This title is also a spin-off of ‘My Country’ which you can find on the different platforms as well. Players who like builders that offer a nice story and quests will become instantly addicted to ‘2020: My Country’ right after install.


For those who are familiar with Game Insight you will understand that this is just another wonderful title from them; with some really nice graphics and a good soundtrack. 2020: My Country is one of those games that is great for all ages and offers a lot to do in the sense of building your city and maintaining your money. This is also considered a freemium title because you can spend ‘real money’ to purchase some in game currency that will potentially help you along (2020: My Country is a free download). When you first start out the game you have a pretty large piece of land with a great tutorial guiding you along the way. Everything you do is pretty much to the point including the placement of buildings and other items you place around the map. Though with everything being straight forward the way you gain money is slightly different and adds a little more to the game.

You’ll complete a series of contracts which in turn will provide you with more money, extra stars and important items; which are used to hire, repair or even build. This whole new way of doing things is what keeps 2020: My Country unique, different and constantly fun, breaking from the norm was a great idea. One of the interesting points/objectives of the game is all the different buildings that unlock ad the different special objectives that you’ll come across. Some players might find the fact of the price of placing certain buildings and build time an issue, but the more you play the game the more enjoyment you’ll get out of it.

Though I have noticed that the more I play 2020: My Country the more progression slows down, you still get new objectives emerging offering extra experience and bonuses; but money and energy become more of an issue and harder to come by. This can be over-come though if you wait it out and allow all your money production to complete or you dip into your pocket and spend real money.

2020: My Country is not going to build over-night and you’re not going to have that metropolis in a matter of minutes. This is going to take a while which is where all the fun is in this title because over time you’ll find that your money is coming in. Not bad if you are playing the game during your free time and just want to have some fun. For those who are serious about builders this is going to be frustrating while you wait.

Just like ‘The Tribez’ you complete a series of contracts and after they are completed you’ll start new ones. The more contracts you have going the more money you’ll end up with; this is also a time consuming task because unless you spend energy to complete them you might be waiting up to an hour or more. You’ll also notice that each building has a star rating and the when you increase a buildings star rating you’ll receive a free spin. Depending on how the wheel stops you might be able to upgrades the buildings money production or environmental rating, free money, energy and premium game dollars. This is a great reward for leveling up a towns building, but you should beware if you are unlucky you’ll win nothing and have to pay a horseshoe to spin again.


2020: My Country has a nice little friends section where you can build a friendslist from both the Game Insight servers and Facebook. The only thing that I have found is that Windows, iOS and Android players can’t interact with one another which is a little frustrating because if you are connecting through the Game Insight servers you shouldn’t have an issue with that. Your friends will have to accept your invite in order to add them to your list; but if you know the person they should accept you.

When you visit a friends country you can interact with their buildings, each time you select one, both you and your friend will gain money an XP for your trouble. You’ll also receive social points which contribute towards unlocking unique goodies for your own town. You and your friends can also send gifts to each other once per day. Daily gifts include materials and even professional workers, all of which are really handy in development of your country.

Making Money and Game Progress

Residential buildings will produce money on their own without any other required actions, which is the best way to make money (More residential buildings nets you more money). If you let the game produce the money you’re going to be waiting for a little bit, but you can also spend real money and get some decent packages that will help you along with Country Bucks. Unlike some builders spending your hard earned cash isn’t worth it because the packages are really small; with 2020: My Country you can choose from one of six packages each with a good amount of country bucks in them. This is well worth it because some of the specialty items aren’t priced to high and you can easily spend $20.00 and get those nice items you want. One thing that would be nice is if you could spend real money on one platform and it went to all platforms you had the game on. I will say that having some country bucks in your bank will give you an advantage and allow you to cut the waiting down a good bit.

Premium Features

Like many building titles you’ll find that they offer a good amount of premium features that you can purchase for real money. Some titles offer an expensive range of ‘in-game currency’ that you can purchase in different packages. 2020: My Country isn’t like that it offers a good amount of different packages at prices that aren’t out of this world. Personally I went with the 140 country bucks plan because there was only a few specialty items that I wanted for my iPhone.

Country Bucks

14 Country Bucks= $1.99
49 Country Bucks +2=$6.99
140 Country Bucks +10=$19.99
350 Country Bucks +35 (Best Deal)=$49.99
700 Country Bucks +87=$99.99
Game Dollars

103,000 Game Buck=$1.99
360,000 +18,000=$6.99
1,027,000 +78,000 (Best Value)=$19.99
5,134,000 +642,000=$99.99


— Deep city-building
— Spectacular graphics and highly detailed animations
— Hundreds of challenging and funny events
— Multiple disaster events, epidemics, alien invasions and natural disasters
— Futuristic vehicles and architecture
— More than 100,000 ways to customize each building
— Free to download, install and play
For those looking for a great mobile title that they can have on multiple devices, 2020: My Country is the one to grab. If you are like me and really enjoy builders than you are going to really enjoy this title a lot and the amount of buildings alone gives players a lot to do and focus on. You also find that there are settings to adjust graphical options for low-end hardware. As I have run 2020: My Country on all a higher end windows 8 laptop, a mid ranged Android tablet and my iPhone. The title does have a lot of currency going on all of which are important for one reason or another; purchasing a package for real money is well worth it and could keep you going for a good amount of time.

Even with the millions of building games on phones and tablets, each with a unique something grabbing players attention and keeping them involved. 2020: My Country does this with it’s graphics, constant missions and the ability to stray from the missions and do your own things if you like.

I recommend this title to anyone and everyone who likes a good solid builder from a developer/publisher that does frequent updates and listens to players input.

The Verdict

THE GOOD: Amazing Graphics| Smooth Interface| Great Sound| Tons of things to do| Large amount of buildings to build| Great Premium bundles for a decent price| Add friends from Facebook and Game Insight Servers| Hours of Fun

THE BAD: Should be able to play with friends on other platforms| Premium Cash Purchases Should Cross-Over into each platform you have title on.