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Release | Resort World on Tuenti.com.

17 May 2011

Our popular game Resort World launches in a new social network Tuenti.

Tuenti is a Spain-based, invitation-only private social networking website that has been referred to as the “Spanish Facebook.” Launched in January 2006, the site is targeted at the Spanish audience, and is currently accessible only to those who have been invited.

Now Google Zeitgeist’s 2009 listed the Tuenti as in Third fastest-rising global search. Google’s 2008 Zeitgeist report listed Tuenti as the year’s fourth fastest-rising global search term, and Alexa Internet ranks the site as the sixth most visited in Spain. It is currently estimated that there are more 9,2 million users, making it the country’s most popular social network. Zaryn Dentzel, one of its founders, stated that they intend to focus on Spanish users more before possibly expanding to other countries. The site targets users in specific regions to improve its click-through rates, which have reached as high as 40%.

Play Resort World on Tuenti.com