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Announcement | Igor Matsanyuk to become an independent member of the board of directors of Game Insight

01 September 2011

Igor Matsanyuk is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in online business, and is also considered to be one of the forefathers of the Russian gaming market. In 2004, having founded IT Territory, an online-game development company, Igor Matsanyuk grew and developed it into the strongest Eastern European game holding, Astrum Online. In 2009, Astrum Online, already by that time the largest developer and publisher of browser- and client-based MMO games, merged with the Mail. Ru Group. As a result, Igor Matsanyuk became the first vice-president and shareholder of significant number of shares of the united holding. Igor left the company summer 2010. In December, the Mail. Ru Group successfully proceeded with IPO, and Igor Matsanyuk sold his shares. A new project by Igor Matsanyuk — Farminers — has been launched recently. The Academy of Projects Farminers is an investment nursery offering financial and strategic help to talented young Russian teams.

By providing an ideal business environment for its 13 development studios and online mobile games, Game Insight is one of the few companies in the market with unique expertise in the full cycle of producing, publishing and operating free-to-play games for social networks and mobile devices. There is no doubt that by joining Game Insight’s board of directors, Igor Matsanyuk will enable the company to quickly and fully secure its leadership in this area.