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Announcement | Game Insight Starts a New Direction of Game Development - HTML5 Games

07 September 2011

Today we are glad to announce our new strategy in HTML5 development. Company’s management is confident that HTML5 development, as a unique technology, gives a chance to explore wide opportunities and that it will be extremely popular in the nearest future. Thus, the company is seeking new bright candidates to fulfill this new internal development stream. Previous experience is an advantage.

From the day it was established, Game Insight is the key player in social and mobile game development segment with great potential and daring ambitions. The company is one of very few in Russia, who decided to open up HTML5 development internally. The perspectives and possibilities are numerous in this segment, — as company’s representative notices. Two new studios specializing on HTML5 development are already involved in the company’s activity of the new-wave gaming production. Moreover, Game Insight has started to actively export all 20 live projects to the new technology.

Game Insight is announcing multiple positions in HTML5 development and the greatest part is — those positions are not just for experienced professionals, but also for “new comers”. Requirements are: knowledge of HTML5, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Previous experience in game development, knowledge of data bases, jQuery and client-server technologies are an advantage. However, the crucial requirement is developer’s willingness to create high quality content and games with unique ideas.