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Release | Rule the Kingdom for iPhone

28 June 2012

Hot on the heels of its release on iPad, Rule the Kingdom is now available for iPhone. The iPad version has been available for less than 24 hours, but has already hit the rank of #13 app overall in the US App Store, and #9 game on the US App Store…and counting!

Rule the Kingdom offers a unique and engaging combination of strategy and role-playing adventure. Rule a bustling fantasy empire with dozens of loyal subjects who build castles, mills, and farms to put resources in your storehouses and gold in your coffers. But be sure to construct a barracks and other military structures to recruit companions who will accompany you on hundreds of quests as you learn the ways of battle and unleash screen-shaking magic spells against powerful boss monsters, and even craft rare weapons and armor. Build your empire, explore the wilderness, and become the ruler of legend with Rule the Kingdom!

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