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Release | Gone Fishing: Trophy Catch on Google Play

11 July 2012

We're delighted to announce our first publishing project, Gone Fishing: Trophy Catch, is now live on Google Play. Developed by Drimmi, Gone Fishing: Trophy Catch is the first game to be published by Game Insight, and we plan to reveal more new published games in the future that will offer more variety, more new ways to play, and most importantly, more fun!

In Gone Fishing: Trophy catch, take a tour of the world's most picturesque fishing spots equipped with different types of fishing rods, bait, and lures to catch 80 varieties of trophy fish, along with numerous rare items to add to your collection! Earn dozens of different achievement trophies, including special badges that are unique to each fishing venue. This brand-new version offers two new fishing locations and rebalanced gameplay that will let you quickly earn piles of precious gold coins to purchase better fishing equipment. Keep track of new game developments using the in-game blog and use the game's new social features to share your biggest and best catches with your friends!

Download Gone Fisfing: Trophy Catch on Google Play