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Achievements | Mystery Manor on Yahoo Mobage gets 100,000 players in its very first month!

25 July 2012

We’re proud to announce that today one of our top games, Mystery Manor, gained 100,000 users on the Yahoo! Mobage platform. Yahoo! Mobage is run by Yahoo! Japan and DeNA (Mobage on mobile phones) and is a popular PC-based social network and gaming platform. We’re excited about this great success story, but even more excited to share the challenge and fun of Mystery Manor with a growing audience worldwide!

Mystery Manor lets you explore the rooms of the huge and ancient manor in search of hidden treasures. But the adventure is about more than just treasure hunting! Expect to meet quirky characters and to experience paranormal phenomena as you explore the grounds room by room while making sure time doesn’t run out! Fortunately, Mystery Manor has many useful items that can assist you in your quest — grab some items and put on your thinking cap and explore the unknown!

Play Mystery Manor on Yahoo! Mobage

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