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Release | Hidden Land for Facebook

17 January 2014

Game Insight is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new stage in free hidden object games — the engrossing adventure Hidden Land on Facebook. The game was previously released on iPad. Hidden Land combines two popular game genres: hidden object and city building. Players start their adventure in a mysterious world lost in time and space.

In Hidden Land, an ancient empire stands on the brink of catastrophe, threatened by armies of insidious enemies, including unscrupulous rebel soldiers and terrifying creations of dark magic. However, prophecy maintains that only a bold and dignified hero can stop these evil forces and save the realm. The Great Leader, a wise Shaman, a brave Treasure Hunter, a mysterious Medium, and many other memorable characters will accompany players in their exciting adventures as they explore magnificent palaces, hidden sanctuaries, and rich treasuries. Log into Facebook now and explore a thrilling new chapter in free hidden object games with Hidden Land!

Play Hidden Land on Facebook


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