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Coming Soon | Mystery Manor Blitz for iPad

18 October 2012

We're pleased to announce Mystery Manor Blitz, the newest chapter in the Mystery Manor saga, coming soon to iPad!. While this new adventure takes place in the spooky and unforgettable mansion of Mr. X, Mystery Manor Blitz will be an entirely new kind of game that challenges players to unearth hidden objects...while racing against time!


In Mystery Manor Blitz, players will have a host of powerful tool items available to help them conquer each room...but in order to become immortalized the best Mystery Manor Blitz players in the world, players must conquer the highest scores unaided. As players compete against other sleuths around the globe for the top position on the scoreboards, they'll unlock dozens of unique achievements along the way. Keep an eye out for Mystery Manor Blitz, coming soon to an iPad near you!

Visit Mystery Manor Blitz page.

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