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Release | My Country Online for Mac App Store

29 October 2012

Game Insight is delighted to release the Mac App Store version of its classic city-building game My Country, one of our most popular games ever. This game has already conquered most major mobile and social platforms, having gained more 13 million players on mobile and appeared on six different social networks worldwide.

My Country is a classic city-building strategy game that challenges players to create a booming metropolis by constructing a huge variety of key buildings, including industrial complexes, skyscrapers, and housing for your busy citizens. My Country has tactics to go with its strategy, in the form of hundreds of engrossing quests you can undertake to keep your city efficient, profitable, beautiful, and most importantly, happy! A simple, user-friendly interface makes the game accessible for players of all ages. Discover what millions of players around the world are already enjoying--play My Country Online today!

Play My Country Online for Mac App Store

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