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Release | 2020: My Country for Android on Google Play

25 April 2013

Game Insight is pleased to announce that 2020: My Country, is now available for Android devices on Google Play. 2020: My Country is the sequel to the smash-hit mobile game My Country, which has garnered more than 17 million players worldwide.

2020: My Country challenges players to construct a glittering, futuristic metropolis from scratch, including ultra-modern skyscrapers and skyways for their citizens’ hovercars. In the game, players manage the lives of their busy citizens while customizing each of their buildings with thousands of different add-ons. However, players must also prepare their cities to deal with natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, and alien invasions. Download 2020: My Country and travel to the future now!

Download 2020: My Country on Google Play

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