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Release | 2020: My Country for iPad, iPhone, and Amazon

07 May 2013

We're pleased to announce that 2020: My Country is now available for iPad, iPhone, and Amazon devices! 2020: My Country is the sequel to Game Insight's classic city-building strategy game My  Country, which itself has garnered more than 17 million players worldwide. The new game lets players create a futuristic cityscape with massive skyscrapers and flying cars.

In 2020: My Country, players take unprecedented control of their happy, busy citizens' lives as they travel to work, complete important tasks, and encounter spectacular natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, and even rampaging dinosaurs! In addition, players can customize each of their buildings with thousands of different options, including private pools and rooftop DJ stations. Install 2020: My Country now and build a futuristic metropolis!

Download 2020: My Country for iPad/iPhone, and for Amazon

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