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Battle Towers Recruits More Than 1 Million Users

23 May 2013

We're delighted to announce that as of today, Battle Towers, the real-time strategy game developed by Outlander Studios and distributed by Game Insight's publishing division has hit an important milestone: Gaining more than a million users. And this isn't even the game's first major milestone, since within just a month after release, this excellent strategy game hit the top 10 list for Arcade & Action games on Google Play.

In Battle Towers, the forces of Order and Chaos clash in a ceaseless conflict for world domination. Every day brings new battles and new opportunities for players to lead their armies to victory. The game offers 40 unique battle scenarios, along with numerous special missions, upgraded buildings, and devastating magic spells. Discover the exciting new strategy game that more than a million players worldwide are already enjoying, and download Battle Towers today!

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