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Release | 2020: My Country for Windows 8

15 January 2014

2020: My Country, an engrossing city building game, is now available for Windows 8 desktops, laptops and tablets. 2020: My Country is the sequel to the popular city builder My Country, which has more than 17 million players around the world

In 2020: My Country, players build a futuristic metropolis, complete with flying cars and bold architectural options that let them customize their buildings with more than 100,000 different options. In the game, players build a new nation across several islands in the sky, tending to their citizens’ needs and saving the day in the face of spectacular natural disasters, which include floods, earthquakes, dinosaur attacks, and even alien invasions! Experience this exciting new chapter in city building games and download 2020: My Country from the Windows 8 Store now!

Download 2020: My Country for Windows 8

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