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Coming soon | The Tribez & Castlez — a spin-off to the smash-hit The Tribez

09 January 2014

Game Insight, creator of worldwide smash-hit The Tribez, is delighted to announce the spin-off to this popular game — The Tribez & Castlez! Having taken all the best of gameplay and atmoshere from the award-winning predecessor, the new game offers a brand new gaming experience of diving into the amazing medieval world of magic, monsters and castles. The Tribez & Castlez will be released for iOS, Android, Amazon, and Facebook in early 2014.

As in the original game the story of The Tribez & Castlez begins with a scientific experiment that gone wrong. This time, the experiment causes players to travel to an entirely new world! In this new world, magic rules, dragons hover in the sky, and forests are full of treacherous werewolves. Luckily, old good heroes from The Tribez, the Professor and Aurora, return to help Prince Eric rebuild his kingdom and protect it from the most evil villains of the realm!

Visit well-guarded dungeons and wizard towers, behold the ancient ruins of abandoned castles, seek mysterious artifacts, wage war on hideous monsters, meet loyal friends, fight cunning enemies, see mighty giants, magic, dragons, and of course, a beautiful princess or two in this enchanting new city building game, The Tribez & Castlez!

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