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Release | Game Insight Launches 2020: My Country in Japan

18 July 2013

Game Insight is delighted to announce the launch of 2020: My Country in Japan. The sequel to the worldwide smash-hit mobile game My Country is now available for iOS and Android devices in the land of the rising sun.

In 2020: My Country, players build the city of the future with flying cars and massive skyscrapers that can be customized with thousands of add-ons and options. As the virtual mayors of this brave new world, players must also contend with spectacular natural disasters such as floods, alien invasions, and even dinosaur attacks, but their trusty repair and rescue teams can help them win the day. Japanese players, download 2020: My Country for iOS or Android now! Arigato!

Download 2020: My Country for iPad and iPhone

Download 2020: My Country for Android

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