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Coming Soon | Dragon Eternity for iPhone, Android and Facebook

21 August 2013

Game Insight has announced that new versions of its cross-platform massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Dragon Eternity MMORPG will be taking new mobile/social platforms by storm later this year. iPhone, Android, and Facebook users will be able to join the Dragon Eternity army, which is already 5 million strong, early this fall.

Dragon Eternity is a fantasy-themed MMO game that lets players venture into the world of Adan. Users can join one of two empires — Vaalor or Sadar — then participate in epic battles and explore a fantastic world of ferocious dragons, fearless warriors, and spectacular magic spells. Soon, users will be able to play their favorite game by logging into a universal, cross-platform account on iPhone, Android, or Facebook (as well as iPad or web browser) at any time — they just need to enter their unified login and password to return to the fantastic world of Adan.

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