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Release | Dragon Eternity for Android, iPhone and Facebook

04 September 2013

Game Insight has announced the release of new versions of its popular massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Dragon Eternity on new mobile / social platforms. Starting today, the game is now available for Android, iPhone, and Facebook, allowing players to start an exciting adventure on these platforms and join more than 5 million players who already play Dragon Eternity worldwide.

Dragon Eternity is a fantasy-themed, cross-platform MMO role-playing game in which players can join either the Vaalor or Sadar factions and embark on an epic journey to do battle with fearsome monsters, learn powerful magic spells, and even train a dragon companion to join them in their adventures. The game’s cross-platform functionality previously let iPad and web browser players play and explore simultaneously, and retain their progress regardless of platform. Now, players can use a single login and password to continue playing the game on any of the game’s available platforms: iPhone, Android, Facebook, iPad, or web browser, and keep their progress and in-game characters across whichever platform they choose.

Download Dragon Eternity for Android

Download Dragon Eternity for iOS

Play Dragon Eternity on Facebook

Play Dragon Eternity via web browser

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