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Michael Ironside is the Voice of Tank Domination

19 December 2013

Great news, soldiers! Michael Ironside, a prominent Canadian actor («Starship Troopers», «The Machinist», «X-Men: First Class») has been recruited as the new voice talent for Tank Domination.

«Cooperation with such an outstanding actor as Michael Ironside is not just a point of pride for our company, but also a major milestone for the entire mobile entertainment industry as well as a reflection of the fact that the quality of mobile gaming products is catching up with the AAA console projects», said Alexander Vashenko, President of Production for Game Insight.

In Tank Domination, Michael Ironside will be doing the voice-overs as Colonel John Killgor, a drill instructor in our boot camp. Colonel will be teaching our greenhorns the basics of tank controls and combat. Every tanker who downloads the English version of Tank Domination will meet Colonel Killgor who will take our recruits through the firing range and then explain to them all the ins and outs of using the game Hangar.

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