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18 December 2013
Release | The Tribez for iOS and Facebook in Turkey

Game Insight is pleased to announce that its smash-hit game The Tribez is now available in Turkey in a fully localized version for iOS and Facebook. The Tribez has more than 11 million players worldwide on iOS, Android, Facebook, and Amazon platforms. Today, Game Insight brings this colorful and challenging adventure to the Turkish players.

The Tribez puts a player in the role of a wayward time traveler who crash-lands in a vibrant, prehistoric fantasy realm inhabited by primitive tribes of islanders and becomes their leader. The game offers several different environments to explore, quests to complete, and hidden treasures to discover in a world rendered with lush, brilliant graphics and a high-quality soundtrack. The Tribez will test your wits with city building strategy, resource management, and item collection, and will even test your reflexes with timed challenges as you ward off angry savages!

Turkish players will also see The Tribez for Android in the nearest future.

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