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Gamesided.com | Game Insight Invites Mobile Gamers To Visit Sunshine Bay

12 November 2013

Though Game Insight has explored all kinds of genres in its games over the past few years, one that the company has always had in its repertoire is the city builder. Soon the company will be treating mobile gamers to a close cousin, the resort builder, when it brings “Sunshine Bay” to iOS.

Already familiar to the social gaming crowd thanks to its release on Facebook, “Sunshine Bay” puts the player in charge of an island resort with its own seaport. One goal is to build the resort up until it reaches five-star status and has Leonardo DiCaprio hanging out poolside (okay, not really, but there are VIP guests), while the other main objective is to beef up the seaport so it can be used as a home base for expeditions and cruises.

Game Insight touts the gane’s “gorgeous, sun-kissed graphics” as well as a “cast of whimsically colorful characters.” Expect to see tons of quests to complete and plenty of items to aid in the resort’s progress.

“Sunshine Bay” is a product of Road 404, a studio that has already given Game Insight a hit with “Airport City.” For an idea of what the 404 team has in store, check out the preview video below and visit the game’s official site.

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