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Coming Soon | Running Shadow for mobile

25 September 2013

Game Insight is pleased to announce an exciting and all-new game featuring the fast pace of an infinite runner with in-depth role-playing elements - Running Shadow. This new free-to-play action game will let players explore the dark fantasy world of Adrion in a race against time to save the land from a sinister plot.

Running Shadow is a unique game that combines the arcade-style action and pick-up-and-play sensibility of a classic endless runner with the depth of a fantasy-themed role-playing epic. In the game, players will meet more than a score of interesting characters and experience a deep story that will lead them to conquer a variety of gorgeously detailed environments, including bright outdoor landscapes and dark dungeons. As members of the mysterious Brotherhood of Shadows, players will steal valuable relics, do battle with enemies, and perform breathtaking feats of "parkour" freerunning. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new game!

Running Shadow will be released for Android in the beginning of 2014, and later for iOs.