• Release | The Tribez available for Windows Phone
    Game Insight is announcing the worldwide release of city-building hit The Tribez for Windows Phone. The Tribez takes players to a lush, fantastic world inhabited by peace-loving people hidden behind a secret portal for centuries. As new chiefs, players build their own stone-age empire, explore hidden caves and mysterious islands, complete fascinating quests and lead their people to a new age of prosperity. The game offers gorgeous graphics, gloriously detailed animations and varied, engaging gameplay.
    30 October 2014
  • Halloween is coming to Game Insight titles!
    Halloween is just around the corner and all the spooky things there are have invaded your favorite Game Insight games!
    27 October 2014
  • Windowscentral.com | Cloud Raiders gets Halloween features in new Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 update
    Cloud Raiders, the highly popular fantasy action-strategy game from developer Game Insight, got a new update this week for the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 versions that adds some Halloween-themed content to the game.
    22 October 2014
  • Wpcentral.com | Search for clues in 'Mirrors of Albion,' a free hidden object game for Windows 8 and RT
    It has been a while since we saw a new mobile Windows game from European publisher Game Insight. Their last release was city builder Big Business Deluxe. After that, Game Insight has mostly concentrated on updating Cloud Raiders (now available on Windows 8) and working on other phone and tablet games behind the scenes.
    15 October 2014
  • Release | Mirrors of Albion available for Windows 8
    Get ready for true detective investigations and captivating fantasy adventures! Game Insight is announcing the worldwide release of our popular hidden objects game Mirrors of Albion for Windows 8. Imagine the heroes of Alice in Wonderland solving crimes and mysteries of the Foggy Albion and become a part of this great game!
    15 October 2014
  • Pocketgamer.biz | Game Insight announced as lead tenant in new Vilnius Tech Park
    The mayor of Vilnius — Arturas Zuokas — has announced the construction of Vilnius Tech Park, a tech hub for startups and other businesses involved in the ICT industry within Lithuania.
    14 October 2014
  • Release | Flower House on Google Play
    Do you like flowers? Do you want to grow the most gorgeous plants ever and give colorful bouquets to your friends? Then Flower House is the perfect choice for you!
    14 October 2014
  • Gamersftw.co.uk | Dragon Warlords, Free on Google Play
    Ferocious battles and sieges in the ancient world of Dragons are awaiting you!
    06 October 2014
  • Insidemobileapps.com | Game Insight Releases Dragon Warlords on Android
    Social and mobile game developer and publisher Game Insight has today announced the launch of Dragon Warlords on Android devices. The 3D online player-vs-player strategy game is set in the same world as Dragon Eternity, and takes place 1,000 years prior to the events of that game.
    01 October 2014
  • Pixelperfectgaming.com | Dragon Warlords Now Available & Free on Google Play
    Dragon Warlords is a captivating 3D online action strategy game set in a fantasy world of Adan. Get ready for exciting and dynamic multiplayer battles! Become a mighty ruler, build your own empire, gather an army of mercenaries and attack other players’ castles! Prove that you deserve the title of the best Warlord! Your greatest adventure starts now!
    01 October 2014
  • Blogs.microsoft.com | Dominate the sky’s floating empires in ‘Cloud Raiders’
    In the world of „Cloud Raiders,“ the sky is filled with floating islands, it’s your job to defend your airborne empire and grab other strongholds with the help of friendly clans.
    29 September 2014
  • Release | Dragon Warlords is a new 3D PvP strategy now available on Google Play
    Fight monsters and other players for the lands of Tart. Build your castle, protect your walls, gather a big army and crush your opponents! Prove your cunning, bravery and tactician’s talent to win in our new 3D strategy Dragon Warlords, which is already available on Google Play.
    29 September 2014