• Release | Dragon Warlords is a new 3D PvP strategy now available on Google Play
    Fight monsters and other players for the lands of Tart. Build your castle, protect your walls, gather a big army and crush your opponents! Prove your cunning, bravery and tactician’s talent to win in our new 3D strategy Dragon Warlords, which is already available on Google Play.
    29 September 2014
  • Blogs.microsoft.com | Dominate the sky’s floating empires in ‘Cloud Raiders’
    In the world of „Cloud Raiders,“ the sky is filled with floating islands, it’s your job to defend your airborne empire and grab other strongholds with the help of friendly clans.
    29 September 2014
  • Microsoft-news. com | Popular Fantasy Action-strategy Game Cloud Raiders Available For Download From Windows Store
    Cloud Raiders, the highly popular fantasy action-strategy game from developer Game Insight is now available for download from Windows Store.
    26 September 2014
  • Release | Cloud Raiders in Windows Store
    Floating islands, cloud castles, pirates, goblins and dragons, fierce fights and untold treasures: in Cloud Raiders you’ll find all these — and much more! The new cross-platform strategy game featuring epic real-time 200-vs-200 battles is now available in the Windows Store.
    25 September 2014
  • Wpcentral.com | Cloud Raiders sails onto Windows 8, fully cross-compatible with Windows Phone
    Clash of Clans-style games are all the rage on mobile these days. In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen Age of Empires: Castle Siege and Star Wars: Commander arrive on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 and RT. Both games have the obvious appeal of their franchises behind them, but for my money Cloud Raiders from Game Insight has long been the Windows Phone Clash-like to beat.
    24 September 2014
  • Gamegrin.com | X-Mercs: Invasion Gamescom Preview
    My appointment with Game InSight was an unusual one. It was unusual in the sense that they showed three games in the short space of half an hour. As I only had a short time with each, my write-ups on them will be significantly smaller compared to our other Gamescom previews.
    21 September 2014
  • Game Insight Lines-Up Intel Context Sensing Integration into Games with the Intel® Context SDK for Mobile Devices
    Game Insight plans to use the new Intel® Context Sensing SDK 2014 for Android to roll out context-sensing features across a whole line-up of Android games by the end of the year via integration with Game Insight Center, its player-centric solution that allows players to interact with the brand through in-game forums, help, FAQs, and all the games’ latest news and events
    17 September 2014
  • Release | Sunshine Bay – now for Android
    Are you ready for great adventures on a sunny tropical island? Sunshine Bay has been released for Android! This city building strategy in which you can build your own sea resort and develop maritime traffic is ready for free download at Google Play.
    16 September 2014
  • Live Mobile Congress and Silicon Valley Comes to the Baltics Conferences Under One Roof
    Mobile industry leaders and experts, hundreds of mobile game and app developers, startups, angel investors and venture fund executives from Europe and Silicon Valley, USA will be converging on two conferences: Live Mobile Congress and Silicon Valley Comes to the Baltics (SV2B), which are both to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania this October 11th-12th.
    15 September 2014
  • Girlgamersuk.com | Running Shadow review
    Running for my life... again.
    10 September 2014
  • Pocketgamer.co.uk | Sharpen your sword to help Game Insight in the closed beta for Dragon Warlords right now
    Previously best known for its sim and hidden object games, Game Insight is now using Unity to boost its ambitions with a host of 3D hardcore games in development.
    10 September 2014
  • CBT access now available to a new PvP-strategy Dragon Warlords
    The release of Dragon Warlords is close at hand! Today, together with PocketGamer.co.uk, we started the closed beta test of the Android version. Take your place among the first Lords and start building your empire before everyone else does. Join the test!
    09 September 2014