• After conquering MWC, GDC is next for X-Mercs: Invasion
    Game Insight launches second open Beta - just visit www.x-mercs.com to sign up
    03 March 2015
  • Release
    Transport Empire is now available on Windows Phone and Windows 8!
    Transport Empire, an exciting economic strategy game, which has already established a loyal following of players from around the world with over 2.5 million downloads, is making its way to Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices!
    27 February 2015
  • Meet with Game Insight at MWC 2015 and GDC 2015
    Game Insight crew is heading out to Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona, on March 2 - 5 and Game Developers Conference (GDC) San Francisco on March 2 - 6.
    25 February 2015
  • Transport Empire: gestisci un’impresa di trasporti
    Transport Empire è un browser game multipiattaforma di simulazione e gestione economica disponibile gratuitamente in italiano. E’ ambientato nell’epoca vittoriana di fine Ottocento, dove dovrai gestire un’impresa di trasporti basata sul carbone e l’energia prodotta da questa risorsa, novità assoluta del secolo.
    17 February 2015
  • Game Insight brings romance to its leading titles
    The most romantic holiday of them all is approaching — Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to surprise your loved ones with gifts. We at Game Insight are all ready to surprise our players with holiday updates and events!
    13 February 2015
  • The Tribez ahora también para Windows 8.1
    Game Insight ha lanzado la versión para Windows 8.1 de su juego The Tribez, del que ya podíamos disfrutar desde hace un tiempo en Windows Phone. Volveremos al paleolítico para crear y hacer crecer nuestra propia tribu.
    09 February 2015
  • 3 Updated/New games for you to have fun with
    Game Insight has released Maritime Kingdom on Google Play. Maritime Kingdom’s story starts when the old king is taken hostage and the Crown Jewels mysteriously disappear.
    09 February 2015
  • Game Insight delivers The Tribez and Flower House for Windows 8 and RT
    Game Insight, the king of city building games, has just released two new titles for Windows 8 and RT. First up, The Tribez (which already launched on Windows Phone awhile back) is now playable on tablets and PCs.
    03 February 2015
  • Making It Easier to Implement App Events on iOS
    One of the biggest challenges for a mobile game developer in a crowded market is finding new people who are a good fit for their game, and then keeping those players engaged once they arrive. One way developers can better understand their core audience is through App Events — Facebook's product to help developers measure how people are engaging with their app and determine the success of their ad campaigns.
    02 February 2015
  • Game Insight releases a naval-style city building game called Maritime Kingdom
    Game Insight publishes a decent amount of games on Android and usually they are pretty good to play. Their newest release is called Maritime Kingdom and while this is a city-building strategy game, instead of it being heavily land-locked it is actually mostly based on a naval theme.
    02 February 2015
  • Top 5 Best New Android Strategy Games of January 2015
    Some gamers prefer quick experiences when it comes to their mobile experiences. But other gamers like to properly challenge themselves and test their mettle in strategic mobile games. We’ve checked out a great number of the types of games that command you to build an army, develop a stronghold and battle to the death with rival players.
    02 February 2015
  • Release
    The Tribez is now on Windows 8
    Game Insight is announcing the release of its smash hit The Tribez on Windows 8. This is an award-winning game with more than 25 millions fans from all over the world. It became Game Insight's popular brand name over the years and proved itself to be one of Game Insight’s most successful and globally known projects. Now you too can enjoy the wonderful world of tribezmen on your laptop, PC or on a Windows 8 tablet.
    02 February 2015