• Paradise Island Is Celebrating Its Birthday
    Paradise Island, one of Game Insight’s most popular titles, is four years old! This is the perfect game for those who love fun, the sea and the sun. In the game, players have a chance to build the world’s most popular tropical resort and make it into an empire of entertainment for tourists from far and wide.
    24 April 2015
  • Release
    Paradise Island 2 is now available on Google Play and Amazon Appstore!
    The blazing sun, hot sand and gentle seas await you in Paradise Island 2, which is now available for download on Google Play and Amazon Appstore! The original city builder, Paradise Island, was a huge hit with more than 50 million players worldwide.
    23 April 2015
  • A Very Happy Birthday to The Tribez
    We’re happy to announce the third anniversary of our favorite series The Tribez. Over the last three years, more than 25 million players from across the globe have fallen in love with the The Tribez. The game universe expanded constantly with the help of regular updates and gave life to the Tribez & Castle, a spin-off of The Tribez. The game won over the hearts of millions of players in all corners of the world and came to new platforms and new countries every year. Dino from The Tribez became one of the favorite game characters for many, as well as the mascot of Game Insight.
    13 April 2015
  • Adweek.com | Mobile Game Update Roundup: Easter 2015 Edition
    As we head into Easter weekend, many developers have updated their mobile games with content fitting the season. Here’s a look at a few of those updates.
    06 April 2015
  • Game Insight Delivers Egg-citing Treats Across its Top Titles this Easter
    Carrying on the tradition of adding themed items and bonuses to its top titles, Game Insight announced today that this Easter, the Easter Bunny will bring a basketful of treats to the most popular games. Starting from the end of March, Game Insight will introduce special in-game bonuses and extras to its mobile, desktop and social titles in the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, the Windows Store and on Facebook.
    30 March 2015
  • Wptopia.net | Cloud Raiders: an Action Strategy Game Gets Updates for Windows Phone
    A bunch of new content and improvements are available for Cloud Raiders Windows Phone Game, the highly popular fantasy action-strategy game from Game Insight. You have a five-million-ton floating island in the sky and you want to gain global dominance!
    23 March 2015
  • Nokiarevolution.com | Unleash War Dragons and More with the Latest Update of Cloud Raiders!
    Clash of Clans still missing from the Windows Phone Store? Not a problem, because with Cloud Raiders continuously being updated by developer Game Insight, the fun never stops! In fact, just last week, a new version of the game was released War Dragons, a new defense tower, Level 9 Stronghold, and more!
    23 March 2015
  • Getdigitalstyle.com | St. Patrick’s Day Marketing: The Good and The Bad
    Connecting with your customers by creating content related to holidays can be a really effective way to attract attention, bolster company awareness and improve sales, but if you don't do your research, it could really cost you.
    23 March 2015
  • Windows Сentral | Cloud Raiders for Windows Phone gets war dragons and more in latest update
    Cloud Raiders, the highly popular fantasy free-to-play action-strategy game from Game Insight, got updated today for Windows Phone with a bunch of new content and improvements. That includes the addition of dragons to the game.
    20 March 2015
  • Adweek.com | Game Insight Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with Mobile Game Updates
    Social and mobile game developer and publisher Game Insight is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in a big way, updating many of its mobile titles with leprechauns, pots of gold and other items and quests to help gamers feel festive. Here’s a look at some of these game updates, now available on mobile devices for a limited time.
    17 March 2015
  • Microsoft.com | Build the perfect city on your Lumia
    Become a great urban planner with these virtual city-building Windows Phone games. I always marvel at the thought of living in a perfect city: a futuristic place straight out of a sci-fi film in which everything is organized and accounted for. If you too like to shape society, play these popular city-building games.
    16 March 2015
  • Wptopia.net | Create Your Transport Empire for Windows Phone
    Windows Phone Store takes you to Transport Empire game: one of the best city building games on Windows Phone and Windows Phone 8 released by Game Insight.
    16 March 2015