• Release | Mirrors of Albion for Windows Phone
    Game Insight announces the release of Mirrors of Albion for Windows Phone.
    23 December 2014
  • Release | Paradise Island 2 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
    The resort-building smash-hit series returns to the App Store on mobile and tablet.
    22 December 2014
  • Ho! Ho! Ho! Game Insight brings Holiday cheer to its biggest hits
    Christmas-themed items and bonuses complete a year-long promotion of in-game extras around popular public events and holidays
    19 December 2014
  • Announcement | Beta-testing of X-Mercs: Invasion is starting!
    Are you ready to take on extraterrestrial invaders and fight terrifying mutant aliens? The future of humanity depends on this battle, and losing it is not an option! All volunteers who have no fear or doubt can sign up on the official website www.x-mercs.com.
    17 December 2014
  • Game Insight announces Transport Empire and Flower House for Windows Phone and tablets
    Microsoft recently reported that Windows Phone and Windows 8 games and apps generate 2.5 times more revenue during the holiday season. In that report, the big MS spoke to game makers Game Insight ( Cloud Raiders) and JoyBits (tons of crappy Doodle God games) about their experiences with the platform.
    15 December 2014
  • Game developers embrace Windows and Windows Phone, especially during holiday season
    For game developers, the holiday season is a most wonderful time of the year when they really reap the rewards for their hard work. Games generate roughly half of developer revenue across phones, tablets and PCs, and, earlier this week, “Minecraft” and “Candy Crush Saga” arrived on the Windows platform. Roughly $100 million in Windows Store gift cards are expected to be available for consumers to buy Windows and Xbox apps, games, music and video content across 41 markets. Some of those hardworking companies – Game Insight and JoyBits – share their experience about why Microsoft has been and is the go-to place for developers looking to stand out during these crowded weeks.
    12 December 2014
  • Game Insight brings in Oleg Pridiuk as games industry evangelist to support expansion into hardcore 3D game development
    Leading global game developer Game Insight has appointed Oleg Pridiuk, the former technical evangelist of Unity Technologies, to lead efforts in technical partnerships and industry relations.
    04 December 2014
  • Game Insight hires ex-Unity evangelist Oleg Pridiuk to push high-end 3D gaming
    04 December 2014
  • Release | Maritime Kingdom for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
    City-building, diplomacy, exploration, trading and epic combat are coming to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
    04 December 2014
  • Turning players into payers
    Lithuanian game developer Game Insight scored a 9X return on investment with a savvy Facebook re-engagement strategy that brought back 60,000 highly engaged players.
    03 December 2014
  • Release | Transport Empire comes to Facebook
    Great news for all train lovers! Transport Empire – the fascinating economic strategy game and favorite of more than 2,000,000 mobile users all over the world – is coming to Facebook. The industrial revolution is just a click away: join the fans of Transport Empire!
    28 November 2014
  • Mobile Game News Roundup: Thanksgiving 2014 Edition
    Thanksgiving is right around the corner (for those that celebrate it this week), and app developer Game Insight is capitalizing on the holiday by giving us all something to be thankful for: content updates in popular games, from 2020: My Country to Paradise Island and beyond. Here’s a look at a few of those updates, available across smartphones and tablets.
    26 November 2014