Locking princesses in towers in Need a Hero
Assembling collections in Mystery Manor
Adding coal to Storewell’s mines in Transport Empire
Preparing Friday bonuses in the Tribez & Castlez
Rocking with the donkey in Need a Hero
Igniting the dragon's breath in Need a Hero
Patching up defeated bosses in Cloud Raiders
Sending islands skyward in Cloud Raiders
Making stars lucky in Big Business
Gathering up Snatchins in Mystery Manor
Creating outer space in Airport City
Feeding Cheshire Jr. in Mirrors of Albion
Hiding objects in Mystery Manor
Warming the sea in Paradise Island 2
Counting grains of sand on Paradise Island
Clearing the runways in Airport City
Harvesting giant pumpkins in The Tribez
Hoisting the sails in Sunshine Bay
Petting Dino in The Tribez

UI/UX Designer

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


We are looking for a G!fted and experienced UI/UX designer with an exceptional love for UI design, art theory, and mobile gaming in Nizhny Novgorod!

Daily ADVENTURES of our imaG!native specialists:

  • design and prototype UI for our games on all platforms;
  • design all of the elements, including buttons, windows, menus, icons, etc.;
  • support, maintain, and improve current UI designs;
  • implement game designers’ ideas within the constraints of the game developers;
  • use your innovation and talent to make the user experience enjoyable.


Your skills and INSIGHT:

  • a deep understanding of the principles of UI/UX design;
  • an excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or similar image-editing software;
  • an awareness of today’s trends and developments in UI;
  • previous game UI design experience of at least a year;
  • an ability to come up with concepts and then solutions within given limits and style;
  • knowledge of the essentials of art theory;
  • an eye for color, plasticity, compositional flow, and rhythm, and the skill and technique to use them;
  • logic, creativity, and resourcefulness;
  • previous teamwork and concept art experience.

BONUS skills:

  • a passion for video games;
  • previous involvement with multi-language app development;
  • critical thinking and reasoning;
  • experience with Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, and 3D rendering software;
  • self-motivation and discipline;
  • the ability to convey thoughts and ideas in a clear manner.

A portfolio demonstrating your skills is required!


  • work in our office full time, in the city of Nizhny Novgorod;
  • interesting, creative work with results you can be proud of;
  • potential for career and professional growth;
  • young, friendly team of co-workers;
  • assistance with formalities required by the Labor Code;
  • tea, coffee, treats, staff kitchen;
  • large parking area.

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