Sunshine Bay

Genre: City Builder Release date: 13.08.2013 Official website

In Sunshine Bay, you will have everything to make sure your vacation on a tropical island is a blast — crystal-clear sea, yachts, spa salons, and an excellent company. The weather will stay sunny, but everything else is within your control:

— buy yachts and set off on sea voyages around the world, from the Bahamas to Reykjavik
— build luxury homes and restaurants in order to attract as many tourists as possible
— enjoy your friends' company and visit your neighbors on other islands

Whenever you get tired of all the fun in the sun, you may dive into the world of secrets, mystery and quest. At least find out why you were chosen to manage an entire island. Or, discover a map with a mysterious route, sail deep into the ocean, and ... What is awaiting you in the open sea? Salty wind in your face, sea monsters, thunderstorms or hidden treasures? Gather up your courage and find out!


  • Buy yachts and set off on sea voyages around the world, from the Bahamas to Reykjavik

  • Build luxury homes and restaurants in order to attract as many tourists as possible

  • Enjoy your friends' company

  • Visit your neighbors on other islands

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  • Game Insight Celebrates Easter With Players Around the World

    Game Insight is pleased to announce that it will celebrate the Easter holiday with tons of special in-game events and sales in its most popular iOS, Android and Facebook games. Players will get a chance to participate in the exclusive events and will have opportunities to swap unique gifts, assemble new collections, and tackle brand-new holiday-themed quests.

    17 April 2014
  • Release | Sunshine Bay for iPhone

    Great news for fans of city building and transport business games: Sunshine Bay has been launched on iPhone! The game was previously released for iPad, as well for Facebook and other social networks. Later we plan to release it for Android devices too.

    05 March 2014
  • Release | Sunshine Bay for iPad

    Good news for all lovers of transport strategy games: Sunshine Bay is now avialable for iPad! This new game is already available for download from the Apple App Store. Previously, the game was launched for the social networks Facebook and VKontakte.

    23 January 2014
  • | Sunshine Bay – New Travel-Themed Strategy Title to Let Users Build a Fantasy Island Resort

    Game Insight has announced a new travel-themed strategy title that lets users manage a seaside resort with its own seaport. Sunshine Bay has players building a small island into a successful resort community by building lodging for guests, and dockyards for yachts and luxury liners. There are also hundreds of quests to complete while managing a wonderful island resort. Check out the trailer!

    12 November 2013
  • | Game Insight Invites Mobile Gamers To Visit Sunshine Bay

    Though Game Insight has explored all kinds of genres in its games over the past few years, one that the company has always had in its repertoire is the city builder. Soon the company will be treating mobile gamers to a close cousin, the resort builder, when it brings “Sunshine Bay” to iOS.

    12 November 2013
  • Coming Soon | Sunshine Bay for iOS

    Game Insight is pleased to announce that its newest game, Sunshine Bay, will soon be released for iOS. This new city-building strategy game gives players ownership of a fabulous beach resort with its own massive dockyard of cruise ships.

    11 November 2013
  • | Game Insight has big plans for Sunshine Bay on Facebook [Interview]

    Earlier this year, casual game developer and publisher Game Insight launched Road 404‘s Sunshine Bay on Facebook, a tropical city-builder that challenges players with creating a lush beach resort while building its economy through the use of shipping routes to outside locations.

    21 October 2013

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