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Genre: Sim/Tycoon

Sunshine Bay is a city builder in which you become the owner of your very own tropical resort.

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Crystal clear waters, luxurious yachts, spas and salons: make your vacation on a tropical island one that you'll remember forever! The weather will stay sunny, but everything else is within your control in Sunshine Bay. Buy yachts and set sail on voyages around the world, from the Bahamas to Reykjavik. Build luxury homes and restaurants, and welcome tourists to your little slice of heaven. And if you somehow grow tired of all this fun in the sun, you can dive into the world of secrets, mysteries and quests. Why were you chosen to manage an entire island? Where do these mysterious maps into ocean waters lead, and what awaits you on the open sea? Salty wind in your face, sea monsters, thunderstorms or hidden treasures: gather up your courage and find out!

  • Buy yachts and set off on sea voyages around the world, from the Bahamas to Reykjavik
  • Build luxury homes and restaurants in order to attract as many tourists as possible
  • Visit your neighbors on other islands
  • Find out why you were chosen to manage an entire island!

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