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Genre: Runner/RPG

Running Shadow is an intense RPG runner. In the game, you’ll be put into the shoes of an assassin thief who is skilled in the art of the sword and possesses unique ‘shadow’ abilities. Explore the picturesque game universe, fight cunning enemies and display miraculous dexterity as you complete obstacle-ridden levels.

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Running Shadow is a unique mix of a runner and fantasy RPG. Along with the simple game mechanics typical of this game type, it has a mythical plot full of secrets and intrigue.

You will take on the role of a fortunate thief and assassin in possession of a unique artifact: the Gauntlet of the Celestial Guardian, stolen from the adepts of a dark and ancient cult. You will be imbued with wondrous and unique abilities, too. Get ready for an unending adventure full of risk: age-old castles, gloomy dungeons, and treacherous enemy ambushes, dozens of fascinating levels, and unique quests. Enter the path full of danger and win the title of Master Shadow!

  • Intriguing locations: noblemen’s castles, bandits’ lairs, sewers, town prison, and many more

  • More than 20 unique characters, including elves, goblins, and majestic draconids

  • More than 8 outfits for the main hero, including swords, armor, and masks
  • A unique battle system: regular foes which you can fight with your sword, and the nefilims which can only be subdued by magic
  • Secret elven tricks that you can learn to overcome obstacles
  • Special magic abilities which will let your character become a shadow, restore his mana, replenish his health and increase his rage while fighting the enemies; and, of course, you can use the powerful of the Gauntlet itself in battle too
  • 300 collectible items to gather while completing your quests

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