Paradise Island

Genre: City Builder Release date: 23.12.2013 Official website  | Forum

Paradise Island is Game Insight’s classic simulation game that puts you in control of your own green island in the Caribbean Sea. Build the ultimate must-visit destination resort in the tropics and watch your profits soar.

In Paradise Island, you can manage your tourism business by building splendid hotels and city sites, decorating your fabulous resort in numerous ways, and by attracting as many tourists as possible by creating decadent attractions and gorgeous decorations. Come see what thousands of other players are already enjoying and visit Paradise Island today!


  • An entire tropical island in the palm of your hand
  • Manage your resort on a detailed level or on a broad, big-picture level
  • Collect massive profits with every passing minute
  • Your resort’s operations continue even when you’re not playing
  • Plant trees and build decorations to please your guests and earn cold, hard cash
  • A huge selection of buildings to serve your island guests
  • No in-game advertisements!
  • Free to play!

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  • Best Independence Day Wishes from Game Insight

    Game Insight sends best wishes for a safe and happy holiday this Fourth of July, and announces the start of Independence Day in our most popular games! The celebrations will include a multitude of thematic events, fascinating quests dedicated to the holiday, plenty of unique items and collections, grand adventures and festive sales!

    04 July 2014
  • Game Insight Celebrates Easter With Players Around the World

    Game Insight is pleased to announce that it will celebrate the Easter holiday with tons of special in-game events and sales in its most popular iOS, Android and Facebook games. Players will get a chance to participate in the exclusive events and will have opportunities to swap unique gifts, assemble new collections, and tackle brand-new holiday-themed quests.

    17 April 2014
  • Release | Paradise Island for Android on LG World

    Paradise Island, Game Insight’s smash-hit strategy game that challenges players to build and manage a booming resort in a colorful tropical paradise, is now available for Android devices on LG World!

    10 December 2012
  • Release | Paradise Island and Airport City in Brazil!

    Game Insight is delighted to announce that two of its most popular mobile games have been fully localized into Portuguese. The popular airport-plus-city-builder Airport City and the smash-hit resort simulation game Paradise Island are now available in Brazil!

    16 October 2012
  • Coming Soon | The Tribez, Airport City, and Paradise Island for Brazil

    We're excited to announce that three of Game Insight's most popular and successful mobile games will be available in Fall 2012 for iOS and Android in Brazil.

    05 October 2012
  • Release | Paradise Island on Olleh AppStore

    Paradise Island, the smash-hit Game Insight game inspired by the exotic Caribbean Islands, is now available on the Olleh AppStore, thanks to our excellent publishing partner INCROSS. The game itself offers classic build-and-manage simulation gameplay that puts players in control of a green tropical island.

    26 July 2012
  • Release | Paradise Island on Samsung Apps

    We're glad to announce that Paradise Island is now live on Samsung Apps. Millions of players are already enjoying the game all over the world and we're happy to offer our game to new audience.

    11 July 2012
  • Release | Paradise Island on T-Store

    Another of our games is now available on T-Store. We've just released Paradise Island! Previously released on many social networks and mobile platforms, Paradise Island became very popular among our users and keeps hitting the top rankings all over the world.

    28 March 2012
  • Release | Paradise Island on Amazon

    We are proud to announce our second release on Amazon, Paradise Island! One of our top mobile and social titles is now available for Amazon players. Earlier we have announced My Country on Amazon.

    21 March 2012
  • Release | Paradise Island on GFan

    Paradise Island for Android is now available on GFan. GFan is one of the biggest alternative Android markets in China. Although it started out as a forum, GFan has been redesigned into a popular app source. It’s also thinking ahead by providing a slick tablet version of its own app store.

    20 February 2012
  • Release | Paradise Island for Mac App Store

    One of our most successful social, iOS and Android apps, Paradise Island has just been launched in the Mac AppStore, the largest catalog of applications in the world.

    13 February 2012
  • Release | Paradise Island on Mobage

    Our top title on Android Market and AppStore — Paradise Island is now available on Mobage.

    02 December 2011

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