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Genre: City Builder

Create your very own tropical resort with Paradise Island! Build hotels and shops, open clubs and restaurants, attract new tourists to the Island, and eventually make millions. Prove you have what it takes to manage a successful tourist destination!

Click the link below to download Paradise Island.

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Paradise Island is Game Insight’s classic simulation game that puts you in control of your own green island in the Caribbean Sea. Build the ultimate must-visit destination resort in the tropics and watch your profits soar.

In Paradise Island, you can manage your tourism business by building splendid hotels and city sites, decorating your fabulous resort in numerous ways, and by attracting as many tourists as possible by creating decadent attractions and gorgeous decorations. Come see what thousands of other players are already enjoying and visit Paradise Island today!

  • An entire tropical island in the palm of your hand
  • Manage your resort on a detailed level or on a broad, big-picture level
  • Collect massive profits with every passing minute
  • Your resort’s operations continue even when you’re not playing
  • Plant trees and build decorations to please your guests and earn cold, hard cash
  • A huge selection of buildings to serve your island guests
  • No in-game advertisements!
  • Free to play!

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