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Genre: Hidden Object

Mystery Manor is one of the most popular hidden object games out there today. Uncover the secrets of this enigmatic mansion!

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Mystery Manor is a mystery-themed hidden object game. A dreadful event has taken place in the Manor and completely ruined the lives of its inhabitants. Their beloved master, Mister X, has suddenly disappeared, leaving nothing behind but a strange message. Only you can uncover the secret of Mystery Manor! Dive into the mystery and challenge yourself with hidden-object action! Explore an enigmatic mansion inhabited by strange but lovely people, spooky monsters, and funny ghosts. Find hidden objects, unlock new rooms, and complete quests.

Mystery Manor is a never-ending experience, with new quests, rooms, and characters added regularly. Unlike other hidden object games, Mystery Manor offers an ever-evolving story set in an ever-changing world! Experience the mystery for yourself!

  • A captivating mystery set in a haunted mansion
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
  • Huge variety of items to seek out and puzzles to solve
  • Regular updates with new characters, rooms, and quests
  • A shadowy world of endless mystery and intrigue to uncover!

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