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Genre: Sim/Tycoon

My Country 3D is a city-builder where you’re limited only by your imagination! Coming soon!

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The full-3D follow-up to the smash-hit series, My Country! Interact with your citizens on the street level as you build your city skyward! Explore new frontiers and customize each building; Explore the extra dimension fly in to interact with residents as they go about their daily tasks and help them as they encounter obstacles to overcome, then zoom out to see the harmony of the entire city in motion. It's an open world bounded by your imagination!

To pull off the genre-defining skyline-to-street level gameplay, My Country 3D introduces a host of innovations to draw players into the game and encourage their creativity, while attaining balance between the quest-driven experience and an open-world sandbox game.

  • Build relationships with every resident and each professional that arrives in your city by train or taxi to make their home or start a business
  • Interact with residents to help them complete their daily tasks; Grab professionals and drop them where they're most needed!
  • Construct a wide array of highly customizable buildings in full 3D, then decorate them just how you want them with a simple gesture
  • Create your city in an open world with wide-open possibilities to engage your creativity
  • Watch days fade to night in the game with smooth transitions to reveal your city's nightlife and gorgeous moonlit panoramas
  • Explore an expansive world; expand into new neighborhoods, and head to the countryside for unique quests and activities!
  • Capture the majesty of your city in from surprising new angles and in breathtaking panoramas within an unprecedented camera mode
  • Enjoy your city from any scale – get a bird’s eye-view, then fly in to the street level to help out your citizens

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