Hotel Enigma

Genre: Hidden Object Release date: 16.8.2013 Official website

Somewhere in Ireland lies the Hotel Enigma. It's no ordinary hotel — it's a sanctuary for travelers from other worlds. Its guests have their own interests and their own goals...which aren't always friendly, or even legal. And perhaps the hotel's most intriguing resident is the mysterious Mister Guest, a well-traveled explorer of numerous parallel realities. More intriguing still is his suitcase — which is said to grant its owners any wishes they care to make.

As a new arrival, you discover that five other guests wish to seize this item. But suddenly, Mister Guest disappeared, his attackers lose their memories, and the hotel's clocks stop. It's up to you to unlock the secret of his marvelous suitcase, relocate its owner, and solve the mystery of Hotel Enigma by conquering challenging hidden object puzzles crafted with beautiful, photorealistic graphics.


  • Challenging hidden object puzzles in multiple modes

  • Dozens of levels to conquer in an around the mysterious hotel

  • More than 130 items to collect and use in your quest

  • In-game achievement system tracks your game progress

  • Gorgeous, photorealistic graphics

  • Unique storyline incorporates intrigue, missing persons cases, and interdimensional travel

  • This game is absolutely free to play. Enjoy!

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