Flower House

Genre: Simulator Release date: 27.04.2014

What will happen if you try to cross a Rose and an Iris? What would a Jasmine Orchid look like? The game Flower House gives you a unique opportunity to create the most weird and wonderful flower hybrids. You can become a florist and a designer; you can create your own windowsill filled with flowers, grow exotic flowers, create colorful bouquets and give them to your friends!

You will meet various characters who need your help. Each flower you grow will unlock new stories — some funny, some romantic, and some quite intriguing. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city: find good neighbors, visit them, and help each other grow new amazing plants!


  • 116 unusual flowers you will never find in the real world
  • 10 characters with their own temperaments and life stories
  • Travel to different places: a modern city, cozy suburbs, and even a sunny tropical island
  • Various flowerpots, statuettes and posts which enable you to create a unique interior
  • The ability to create colorful bouquets which you can give to your friends in the game
  • A flower stand where you can sell the flowers you grow
  • Nice, relaxing music

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Game news

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  • Release | Flower House for iPhone

    Have you ever dreamed of creating your own flower paradise? Now it’s time to make this dream come true: Flower House is now available for iPhone! The game has been previously released for iPad.

    13 August 2014
  • Gotgame.com | Flower House arrives on App Store today

    Game Insight’s newest simulation game, Flower House, has arrived on iPad today, granting gamers a chance to become an interior designer and floral expert. You will grow rare flowers, compose vibrant bouquets, and gift said flowers and bouquets to your friends.

    30 April 2014
  • Insidemobileapps.com | Flower House: Create hybrid flowers to decorate your windowsill on iPad

    Mobile and social game company Game Insight has announced the launch of Flower House on iPad. The game takes players to their own virtual greenhouse, where they’ll become an interior designer and floral expert, cross-breeding plants like irises, roses, jasmine or orchids (among others) to create fantastic hybrids.

    29 April 2014
  • Release | Flower House for iPad

    Free simulation games bloom in time for spring with Flower House, now available for iPad! Become an interior decorator and floral expert by raising rare flowers, building bountiful bouquets, and gift them to friends. The game is available now for download on iPad from the Apple App Store.

    28 April 2014

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