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Genre: Simulator

Flower House gives you a unique opportunity to create the most weird and wonderful flower hybrids.

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What will happen if you try to cross a Rose and an Iris? What would a Jasmine Orchid look like? Flower House gives you a unique opportunity to create the most weird and wonderful flower hybrids. Become a florist and a designer; you can make your own windowsill and fill it with the exotic flowers you grow. You can even compose colorful bouquets to give to your friends!

You will meet various characters who need your help. Each flower you grow will unlock new stories — some funny, some romantic, and some quite intriguing. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city: find good neighbors, visit them, and help each other grow new amazing plants!

  • 116 unusual flowers you will never find in the real world
  • 10 characters with their own temperaments and life stories
  • Travel to different places: a modern city, cozy suburbs, and even a sunny tropical island
  • Various flowerpots, statuettes and posts which enable you to create a unique interior
  • The ability to create colorful bouquets which you can give to your friends in the game
  • A flower stand where you can sell the flowers you grow
  • Nice, relaxing music

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Game news

  • Show off your green thumbs in ‘Flower House’
    “Flower House” gives you the opportunity to flourish as a horticulturalist, florist and designer, as you create unusual hybrids like roses mixed with irises. Watch as each flower introduces new stories and characters.
    26 January 2015
  • Release | Flower House is now available in the Windows Store
    A new version of the popular simulation game Flower House is being released for Windows 8! Download the new product from the Windows Store and enter a world where you can become a great designer and florist.
    22 January 2015
  • Ho! Ho! Ho! Game Insight brings Holiday cheer to its biggest hits
    Christmas-themed items and bonuses complete a year-long promotion of in-game extras around popular public events and holidays
    19 December 2014

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