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Dragon Eternity is an MMORPG with full-scale land and sea battles. Set out on a fantastic journey to find glory!

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Dragon Eternity is a fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game that lets players explore the expansive world of Adan. Joining one of the two feuding empires, Vaalor or Sadar, players experience exciting adventures fraught with dragons, fearless warriors and devastating magic. Monsters and bandits wander the roads, while unspeakable horrors dwell within ancient dungeons. Countless treasures — and countless dangers — await those brave or foolish enough to enter the depths.

Players can complete hundreds of quests and conquer thousands of enemies, collecting dozens of rare armor sets, weapons, and magical items along the way. They can learn different schools of magic, and even take fearsome battle pets into the fray including fire-breathing dragons. Dragon Eternity features everything you'd expect from an MMORPG, from non-combat professions to PVP battles, an auction house, and a clan system for more advanced players. Take up arms today!

  • Battle more than 500 monsters in 150+ locations
  • Partake in one of 9 gathering and crafting professions
  • Command unique dragon pets, collect armor, and complete more than 1,300 quests
  • Battle in 5 distinct PvP modes, including clan warfare

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