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Genre: Sim/Tycoon

Big Business Deluxe is an economic strategy game that simulates the real market.

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Big Business Deluxe is a high-stakes business simulation for anyone who has ever dreamed of being a billionaire! Build your own business empire from the ground up by constructing the city of your dreams and raking in millions in revenue. Learn the secrets of successful business management, build factories, manufacture products, expand your city, and entertain its citizens. Make your business the most successful and prosperous in the world! The CEO’s chair is waiting for you!

  • Control your production and supply chains at every stage
  • A huge selection of picturesque buildings
  • Earn your first million... and a lot more after that!
  • A fast-paced business environment
  • Employees work hard even when you take a break
  • Colorful graphics and humorous animations

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