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Genre: Strategy

Battle Towers is a real-time strategy game about the ancient conflict of Chaos and Order. Choose your side!

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A fragile world must bear the eternal conflict between two nations: Order and Chaos. Every day is a choice between the battle for survival and desire to conquer. The two nations once lived side by side in harmony, but peace is no longer an option.

Order is pure and noble in its intentions, yet often immoral in its actions. Chaos is wild and unruly, but its subjects are glad to live and die by the spear. Each nation has its own unique units, buildings, and spells.

You have been entrusted with a small village. Everyone eagerly awaits your commands to build houses for resources, construct towers for defense, and recruit warriors to annihilate your enemy. Cast mighty spells to fortify your defenses and strengthen your units. Every warrior you control on the battlefield gains experience and becomes stronger with each drop of enemy blood they spill.

Delicate balance and accurate timing of your actions are crucial for success. Conquer your enemy’s land by fighting more than 40 distinct battles, each with detailed environments, unique missions and adjustable difficulty. The fate of the world lies in your hands!

  • A careful balance between offense and defense
  • Upgradable warriors and buildings
  • Neat 3D visuals
  • Simple controls
  • Equally enjoyable on smartphones and tablets
  • Free to play!

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