About us

With its breadth of games, depth of players and focus on innovation, Game Insight is pioneering cross-platform gaming on a global scale.

Founded in 2009, Game Insight is the world’s leading innovator of mobile and social games, creating exceptional gameplay experiences across casual to hardcore titles. With more than 300 million players, Game Insight is one of the largest games companies in the world. The company is pushing the boundaries of technology and graphics across all platforms to make the most entertaining and fun experiences for everyone.

Establishing its long history as a pioneer and innovator in the space, Game Insight was the first to develop hidden object and simulation/tycoon games for social networks and mobile platforms, revolutionizing the concept of cross-platform gameplay in those genres. Game Insight has the largest portfolio of simulation games overall and the largest simulation/tycoon player base on mobile platforms. Its breadth of titles and innovations with mid- and hard-core 3D games is evolving what’s possible within that genre at an unprecedented scale. The company is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania with 9 development studios employing more than 800 passionate games developers.

  • Igor MatsanyukChairman

    Mr. Matsanyuk is a founder of the investment company IMI.VC and Farminers Startup Academy. He is also one of the leading Russian experts in the field of modern technology and investments, and an acknowledged mobile market and game industry specialist.

    Mr. Matsanyuk established IT Territory (which later became known as Astrum Online Entertainment), which merged with the Mail. ru Group in 2009. He then became the first VP of the united company. Together with Mail. Ru, Mr. Matsanyuk carried out an IPO in 2010, and in 2011, he created IMI. VC and began working on successful startups, including Game Insight. Russian web portal Rambler named Mr. Matsanyuk the “Man of the Decade” in the “Games” category. He has also founded several leading game industry companies.

  • Anatoly RopotovCEO

    Anatoly is the Chief Executive Officer at Game Insight, with 15 years of experience launching, developing and operating products and services within the game industry.

    Born in Riga, Latvia, at the beginning of his career in 1999, Anatoly owned and operated his own gaming community site, then went on to develop games and design user experience on various platforms. In 2006, upon becoming the Head of Games Division at CTXM, he was responsible for the gaming/gambling departments, and ultimately launched more than 50 products on a multitude of platforms during his tenure.

    Anatoly expanded his professional horizons by taking the position of Executive Vice President of Products at Astrum Online Entertainment and establishing his own studio, innoWate, in 2010. Led by Anatoly, innoWate became a leading European mobile, social and desktop game studio, and a market innovator with the very first social city-building game. This early success was followed up with multiple hit cross-platform games such as the My Country series that in partnership with Game Insight has reached over 20 million players worldwide.

  • Alexander VashchenkoPresident

    While working in the game industry, he launched a number of financially successful products, such Legend: Legacy of the Dragons and Juggernaut, which garnered millions of users. Mr. Vashchenko is a mentor, advisor, and one of the co-founders of Farminers Startup Academy.

    Mr. Vashchenko began his career at IT Territory in 2004 as a designer, then in 2007 became Head of Game Design, and later became Chief Producer. After Astrum Online was created, Mr. Vashchenko continued to manage game development, first as Deputy CEO and then as CEO. In 2012, he founded NARR8, a company focusing on web-based and mobile interactive content series.